Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Peeps Adventure

The Peeps exit their apartment building in search of fun at the playground.

They borrow a delivery person's bicycle and get there fast.

The Peeps enjoy a swing.

They climb the steps,

then go down the slide. Whee!

Oops, minor injuries occur coming off the slide.

The Peeps admire the Parks Department logo,

then play tag around the flagpole.

The Peeps take a ride on a bucket swing, but...
... Oops, another injury.
The Peeps decide to take a break and watch from safety as the Peep editor swings instead of them.

The Peeps take turns trying on a hat.

Then they have a race down twin slides.

The Peeps race toward the play structure, one hop at a time...

And the winner is ... Green Peep!

The Peeps hop into the tunnel,

and enjoy the end of their day at the playground.

On the way home, Oh, No! A serious injury takes place!

Peep friend, in quickly rented car, follows injured Peep in ambulance.

A dedicated team looks over the Peep's injury and springs into action.
After a few minutes they step back and admire their handiwork.
An ambulance ride home...

...reunites the friends at last.

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