Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Waaaay Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway

This post is brought to you by the Society for "Agggghhh my patch is itchy and I'm not going to think about anything else..."

Think about something else, I said oh-so-helpfully, and then I know I've got to suggest something or it'll never work, so first I said, Like stairs, since we were heading toward the stairs. Then I said, Or coats, since I was holding 2 coats (not knowing which to put on him till we got outside).

Then, since I've got a tune from Les Miz running through my head this morning, the one that goes, "Red, the blood of angry men..." I broke into song:

Coats, we don't want to wear our coats,
Spring, we like the warmth of Spring.

He's heard that song a hundred times, so I think he recognized it. At any rate it's over the top, so it made him laugh! So I kept it going. Downstairs I said,

Bus, I see that is your bus,
Red, the red lights go on soooon!

I think that may be the first time he's ever got on the bus laughing.

Probably also the first time he had warm banana-bread muffins in his hand too, the difficult logistics of which escapes him but was a fun challenge for me.

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