Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Tooth Out!

It happened this morning! No pain, no problem. Hooray!

Monday, December 22, 2008

First Loose Tooth!

At bedtime tonight DB suddenly said, "Hey! I've got a loose tooth!" And sure enough, from the way I see his tongue move back and forth, he certainly does!
Excitement was followed by a bit of anxiety, of course, but overall excitement!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Playing School

For the first time DB has been playing school about once a week or so. Usually on the weekend, when he has time to process his week.

In case you can't decipher this, it's a daily schedule for the class. It reads:

Flow of the Day
Morning Meeting (with gavel icon)
Lunch (apple icon)
Writing Workshop (notebook)
Reading Workshop (the little person is saying, "Books rule!")
Read Aloud (book)
Centers (Lego block)
Snack (apple core)

He added centers after I pointed out that in his very own classroom, he could add whatever he wanted. He misses the play centers from kindergarten. (Who wouldn't?)

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Peeps Explore DuckyBoy's Room

With no idea what they'll find, the Peeps boldly embark on their latest adventure: A visit to DuckyBoy's room.

They have a few mishaps along the way, like a run-in with a train...

... a dizzy spell after a ride on this thing ...

and a car that went nowhere:

However, there were some successes as well, including a drive on a bigger vehicle ...

... a chance to drive a bus ...

and a fun time pretending to sell ice cream in a truck that was just the right size.

Playing with stickers had both ups and downs:

Meeting their stuffed relatives was a real thrill, as the Peeps had no idea such folks even existed.

After all the excitement, the Peeps returned home with happy memories of their adventure.
The End.