Saturday, March 22, 2008

Donald Duck Fun Truck

DuckyBoy and I invented a new show to compete with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This is the theme song, it uses the same tune as the current MM Clubhouse theme song:

It's the Donald Duck Fun Truck
Come inside,
it's fun inside
(Not, as was previously here, "He'll take you for a ride").

It's the Donald Duck Fun Truck
You can go far away
or somewhere new to play.

There may be one more verse I can't remember, just part of it: "He's a friend to you/ and a good duck, too."

DuckyBoy has also sketched out the truck, and the garage, which moves, twists and appears like the MM Clubhouse does at the beginning of the show.

It also has a complicated "Fun remover" that, if I have this right, sucks out Mickey fun if any appears, so as to make room for Donald fun.

Not bad for a kid who hates Writing Workshop at school. (I know, the teachers think that's an OT thing. I still feel there's a disconnect between what he's asked to do and what he can do.)

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