Friday, November 20, 2009

Devastator Has Arrived!

Very exciting: The 7-part Devastator that we've been waiting 6-8 weeks for came today!

We were able to track it this week via FedEx tracking number, that was cool to see when it was getting close.

DuckyBoy has been soo good about waiting for it, I thought he'd ask but he hasn't!

And now his reward: It's here! And 10 days earlier than they estimated when we ordered it.

Here are the 7 in vehicle mode:

I'll take my best guess at getting the names right:
Left to right: Scrapper, HighTower, Overload, MixMaster, Long Haul, can't remember but he's Demolisher's twin in robot mode, and Rampage, the one who's red in the Revenge of the Fallen movie.

We haven't yet transformed them into Devastator because, well, the instructions are in Japanese and the drawings are very,very small. We'll have to watch a video tomorrow to help us figure it out!

But even that wasn't a big deal. DB had a good time switching them between robot and vehicle modes. They're really neat, every one of them has some articulation and 3 modes: robot, vehicle, and Devastator-part.