Monday, January 21, 2013

mine to da craft

hi there! sorry i havent posted in FOREVER, but i was busy with........minecraft! minecraft is a open sandbox Lego-like blocky video game. here is a vid:


like it? yeah, sorry it is sooooooooooooooooo long.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013


hey there!  i have more vids!

well, just 1.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

yet even MORE stuffs!

here are vids i ment to post yester day ;)

omg FUNNY!     anyway, today my alarm woke me up! That's right, I forgot to turn my alarm clock, and it's Saturday! Anyway that kind of put me in a lousy mood so these videos help, I hope they do for you too!

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Random thoughts while talking with Dad

The wisest warrior wins the battle without a fight.

about the id and ego--
This makes me feel like I am being controlled by some random robot-thingy!

cool vids!

Here are two videos I've seen recently that I lo-o-o-o-ve!!

There's a Platypus Controlling Me

dumb ways to die

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Friday, January 18, 2013

still more stuffs

new contest! why? cuz contests are awsometastic! the contest? create platy-points!(sorry 'bout the last post.) just post a pic of the platy-points on a comment! i am sitting with mt (my babysitter) and he is looking at this post as i type it. 2 words:look somewhere else dude! whoops sorry i am not so good with numbers.
contest alert! the contest? create platy-points! i need help deciding what the blogs currency should be, so design in your self! 

even more stuffs!

today, i kept saying "im so blogging this!" all day long. The first moment that i have to share is in math class 2nd to last period. My math teacher, Ms.Crabapple, was blabbing on and on and on about something-about-estimating-decimals with division?? I thought we already did that unit?!. Whatever. The sad part is, it took up most of our Fun Friday time. FF is like Big-kid "centers."

Another thing I have to share with you is Sally. She always has to do everything. PAss out the markers, give everyone her markers, read the math prblem, come up to the board to demonstrate. It's her way or the highway! As you can probably tell, this leads to some hilarious situations. Liek today, Sally and Crush both needed to go to the restroom, and Sally kept insisting she had to go first becuase she had to pee. Who cares? Crush probably had to pee too.

Also today, Macho Man told a really funny joke. It's in a bunch of different parts so try to keep up.

The first part is: You have 9 bricks on a plane. Throw one out the window. How many do you have? Answer: 8.

Next part: How many steps does it take to get an elephant into a refrigerator? Answer: 4. Open the refrigerator door, take everything out, put in the elephant, close the door.

Next part: How many steps does it take to get an antelope in the refrigerator? Answer: 4. Open the refrigerator door, take out the elephant, put the antelope in, and close the door.

Next part. An antelope is missing from the zoo. Why? Answer: It's in the refrigerator.

Final part: On the beach a lady suddenly dies. Why?

Answer: The brick hit her.

oh, and the perler bead gang says hi.

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more stuffs

i gotta go. by plz enter my contest!

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toaday 1

right now, i have to go to school :( also, the background. i changed it. i like it.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013


before we start, i have to dedecate this post to Chloe, founder of Klub platypus :D, another blog. i was looking for platypus perler bead designs, and i found one on Klub platypus :D. that inspired me to blog again! thx Chloe! here is my perler bead waffle! (a waffle is a group of platypi.)

 cool, no? if you play scribblenauts, this perler bead dude is a familiar face!

it's maxwell! awsome! if you peeps like agent p, check this out!

i have a new contest! why? cuze contests are awsometastic! it has absolutely nothing to do whith hats! (sorry Chloe)  
create a cool platypus story! the prize? ill name my blog after you for a week! just post your name, story and how many hats you have ( ha ha)! here is a familiar bird!

sorry if you cant see him, its an angry bird!

    -brbrbrbbrbrbrbrb,agent p


new look! new name! new contest! NOT! well, no contest...yet! i haven't figured THAT out yet...