Thursday, January 17, 2013


before we start, i have to dedecate this post to Chloe, founder of Klub platypus :D, another blog. i was looking for platypus perler bead designs, and i found one on Klub platypus :D. that inspired me to blog again! thx Chloe! here is my perler bead waffle! (a waffle is a group of platypi.)

 cool, no? if you play scribblenauts, this perler bead dude is a familiar face!

it's maxwell! awsome! if you peeps like agent p, check this out!

i have a new contest! why? cuze contests are awsometastic! it has absolutely nothing to do whith hats! (sorry Chloe)  
create a cool platypus story! the prize? ill name my blog after you for a week! just post your name, story and how many hats you have ( ha ha)! here is a familiar bird!

sorry if you cant see him, its an angry bird!

    -brbrbrbbrbrbrbrb,agent p

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