Friday, May 15, 2009

Computer Game Idea: "Spit & Score"

Last night we came up with a computer game idea. He wants to have a whole website called ""

It has 4 levels, Pre-K, K 1st and 2nd grades.

The controls are:
Letter "S" fills your mouth with water from the drinking fountain.

If you get too much water, you explode and the game is over!

L&R arrows move you left and right. Spacebar moves you up and down.

"Enter" button shoots the water out.

Bonus Actions:
  • Spit on the stack of tests (Grade 2 only)
  • Spit into the wastebasket
  • Spit onto the class plants.

Bad Actions:
  • Spit on the class pets (lose points)
  • Spit on a teacher (get sent to principal; maybe ends game? Or maybe you ahve to do something to make amends and then you can go back...)
  • Spit on the art project(s) - get sent home
  • Spit on classmate(s), lost 3 points
  • Spit on the bus: Ends game

Seems like we ought to be able to get someone to program this for us!

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