Thursday, December 31, 2009

Great Movie Quote

Tonight Husband and I watched The Replacements with Keanu Reaves and Brooke Langton (one thing I love about this movie is that the two of them have practically the same haircut but both have it styled to look gender-appropriate) and here's the quote Dad and I both love and want preserved for you, for posterity, our wonderful boy:

"Pain doesn't last, chicks dig scars, and glory lasts forever."

DB wanted to stay up till midnight, but around 10 he fell into bed, exhausted. Last night he was up till about 1030 because had his First.Ever.Sleepover, with his wonderful friend Sv, a GIRL, with whom he had a great time (and she didn't want to leave today)! With the door to his room kept open, I might add. Yes, we do have that rule now when girls are over, since he and a minister's daughter were playing in his room with the door closed, lol, it was innocent, they were playing with something that glowed-in-the-dark, but hence the rule. Good to start them early with that anyway...

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