Friday, April 10, 2009

Dad Fixed the TV!

Big disaster this morning, the sound wouldn't work on the TV the 3rd time I turned it on. I was so worried we'd lose all my dvr'd shows if we had to get a new TV, even though Mommy told me that was in the cable box, not the TV.

What if it was the cable box??

But -- Dad fixed it! Thanks, Dad. {{Big hug!}}

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CtGuy1955 said...

I had done a search for Janice Elizebeth Wright, someone I knew who worked at a subway shop in West Haven
Conn back in 75 when I got out of the army and had a motorcycle.
I couldnt tell if it was you by the picture, but Im 54 now, and dont quite look the same as 34 years ago.
I always remembered Janice because of the "JEW" necklace she loved and wore. I will keep my fingers crossed that it is you. Mike Kelly (