Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jiggity Jiggity Wah Wah

One day we were watching HBO's Crashbox. The segment "Riddlesnake" came on, and DB said, "That's strange, they used to call this section 'Wilsey Wilsey Oooh Ahh.'"

"Really," I wondered, "because 'Riddlesnake' is the perfect name, it's a snake who tells riddles."

He insisted, and I know how detailed his memory is, so I chalked it up to something unknown and didn't argue.

Other days, every time the segment would be on, I'd tease him a bit: "What did you say this is called?" and, since I have no memory cells left, I'd guess, "Jiggity, jiggity, wah wah?" And we'd laugh and leave it at that.

A few weeks later, DB suddenly called me, "Mom, Mom, come quick!" When I entered the room, Riddlesnake was on. "Rewind to the part before!" said DB.

To my surprise and delight, the little robots who introduce each segment said the name "Riddlesnake" so quickly that, sure enough, it sounded just like "Wilsey, Wilsey." And afterward, they said, "Oooh, ahh!"

That must have been the intro the first time he saw it.

How funny is that!

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