Monday, December 8, 2008

The Peeps Explore DuckyBoy's Room

With no idea what they'll find, the Peeps boldly embark on their latest adventure: A visit to DuckyBoy's room.

They have a few mishaps along the way, like a run-in with a train...

... a dizzy spell after a ride on this thing ...

and a car that went nowhere:

However, there were some successes as well, including a drive on a bigger vehicle ...

... a chance to drive a bus ...

and a fun time pretending to sell ice cream in a truck that was just the right size.

Playing with stickers had both ups and downs:

Meeting their stuffed relatives was a real thrill, as the Peeps had no idea such folks even existed.

After all the excitement, the Peeps returned home with happy memories of their adventure.
The End.

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