Monday, October 13, 2008

Tibet's Problem, As Seen by DB

OK, so not to make light of a serious situation. Let me make this clear, I feel for the people of Tibet.

But today we went to the Met museum and DuckyBoy wanted to return the Arms & Armament section, and when we navigated there he wanted specifically, and exclusively to see the Tibetan armor.

Once in the room, he commented: "They must not have been very good soldiers, because these are, like, fabric."

I said, "You know, DB, that's probably why China rules Tibet today." And we had a whole discussion about that, about which he was v. thoughtful.

So now he knows one more thing he did not know before. Well worth the $1 donation I gave to get in. (I pay my NYC taxes, and I bought a $2.50 bag of potato chips at the rooftop garden. So don't worry, I paid.)

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