Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mo Willems Fan

Isn't this a great rendering of Mo Willems' Pigeon? He even chose a good color -- I was thinking Pigeon is more gray, but upon looking at the Pigeon book we have, he really is bluish.

DuckyBoy says he wasn't even looking at the book when he did it. I'm thrilled he can copy a simple drawing so well when he wants to, because it's such a far cry from last spring, when he barely could sit still to copy a shape for the neurodevelopmental pediatrician's test. (We cancelled the appt with her this year.)

The text reads, "I liked the part when the pigeon got the dog." DB also told me the pigeon is scared -- hence the lines around the head.

PS, Today's the last day of kindergarten! Check out DB's last-day photo on Flickr! (email me if I haven't yet added you as a friend) -- and then compare it to the first-day photo from back in September!

DB is pretty anxious about going into first grade -- but excited too. He got the classroom he wanted; I don't know why that's the one he wanted but he got it, so that bodes well.

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