Sunday, May 25, 2008

Space Travel

DuckyBoy made up this story in the car on the way somewhere -- and this time, instead of me making up mot of the story, he came out with all of this.

He said he's going to invent a rocket to go past our planets, "blast through space" to the edge of space.

He's also going to make a cereal with pieces shaped like planets, some like planets we haven't been to yet (I think he meant ones we haven't even seen yet), and there will be a (Willy-Wonkaesque) prize inside certain boxes to choose who gets to go with him. (It went without saying it would be a sugar-sweet cereal.)

Teenagers who win can come by themselves, but younger kids will need to bring a grownup.

There will be special astronaut clothes onboard for everyone, as well as a space travel car. I'm not sure what it does but it's going to come in very handy on the journey past the edge of space.

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